Cold Rolled Commercial Quality Sheets

ASTM 1008 cold rolled sheet is produced from a precisely manufactured hot rolled processed sheet, which is then cold-reduced to the desired thickness. These sheets are rolled to a close tolerance and possess a fine surface finish, superior to pickled and oiled. Cold rolled sheets can be formed by bending, hemming, flanging, and moderate drawing and stretching operations. Very desirable nickel or chrome plating results can be secured, and cold rolled sheets provide an excellent base for baked enamel, primer and topcoats, and lacquer finishes. Thorough cleansing of the material, to remove oils, greases and soils, usually by solvent degreasing or alkaline cleaning, is highly recommended prior to base and finish coatings. Weldability is rated excellent by all types of welding operations.


Conforms to ASTM 1008


The above values are average and may be considered as representative of cold rolled CQ sheet


Cold Rolled Commercial Quality Sheets have an unlimited number of uses and applications, such as automobile parts including interior and exterior parts including roofs, appliance parts, highly formable parts, parts needing good dent resistance, parts that demand a high surface finish and high strength formed parts, furniture parts including structural strength for upholstered furniture and exposed parts of metal furniture, cabinets, cabinet and furniture hardware, light industrial applications such as tool boxes, shelving, and lighting fixtures, and general utility uses


Machinability is rated at 78% of B1112. Average cutting speed 130 ft/min.
This grade is easily welded by all welding processes including gas, air, and submerges arc, and the resultant welds and joints are of extremely high quality. Preheat and post-weld heating is generally not necessary.


Cold rolled Commercial Quality Sheet, due to its light thicknesses, is typically not heat treated but rather chrome or nickel plated for increased surface toughness, lacquered, or primed and top coated with paint.


Mill Width .014-.019" .019-.039" .039-.057" .057-.071" .071-.098" .098-.142"
24"-72" 0.0010 0.0015 0.0020 0.0025 0.0025 0.0030
Over 72" n/a 0.0015 0.0020 0.0025 0.0030 0.0035

Thickness is measured at any point across width not less than 1 inch from any side edge.

Speedy Metals shears all thickness of sheets to exact width and length ordered.


24ga (.024") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee 22ga (.030") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee 20ga (.036") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee
18ga (.048") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee 16ga (.060") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee 14ga (.075") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee
13ga (.090") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee 12ga (.105") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee 11ga (.120") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee
10ga (.135") Cold Rolled, Steel Shee